Are There Any Queers in The Theater Tonight? [ANSWERED]

The word “queer” is now commonly used by the LGBTQ community and the phrase – Are there any queers in the theater tonight could be interpreted as asking if there are any LGBTQ people in the theater tonight, either in the audience or as performers.

The phrase is an actual play on the original phrase “Any queens in the theater tonight?” which means – Are there any drag queens performing tonight?

Although this phrase has been used to mean both negative and positive things. It is mostly used as a positive, inclusive term.

The theater has always represented a safe haven where people can come together to escape their usual life and celebrate the art of storytelling without judging others and still remains so up till today.

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For the LGBTQ community, the theater is a special place they can walk into without eyes trying to pry into their affairs. It is a safe environment for them to explore and express their identity, to feel seen, validated, and just be themselves.

So, whether you’re a queer yourself or a bug ally, come out to the theater tonight and show huge support for the LGBTQ community. You might learn a thing or two while still having a great time in the process.

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